Focussing on mental, emotional, interpersonal and professional development, my practice is focused on freeing you from any harmful thoughts and uncomfortable feelings that are holding you back in your life. Whether it’s Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Sadness, Loss, Anger, Depression, Panic, Grief, Guilt, Low-mood or Low-self-esteem, I will help you achieve and develop a more resourceful, resilient and energized mindset to handle life’s challenges, stress and trauma.

Now is the time to allow yourself the life of happiness and fulfilment you deserve, now is the time to make room for the stronger, more resilient you.

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The Timeline Therapy Programme
Timeline therapy is a unique and mind-opening programme, a process of allowing you to rid yourself of unwarranted Anger, Sadness, Hurt, Fear or Guilt. By adding personal goals to your timeline through tried and tested methodology, this therapy offers a safe space to diminish any jeopardising or self-limiting feelings and beliefs, enabling you to succeed towards a more palatable future. – (One 2-3 hour session).
Four Weeks to Freedom
A programme focused on overcoming current struggles and limitations in your life, using tried and tested methods and techniques which come hand in hand with awe-inspiring results. This inner-peace journey is set to provide you with the mindset and clarity to move forward and make the gains you want in your life. (Five x 1 hour sessions).
The Smoking Programme
A programme to help clear your mind, body and soul. A programme to focus on what you really want. Smoking, is the largest single cause of illness and premature death in the UK, killing around seven million people each year, along with the one million non-smokers, killed by the exposure of second-hand smoke. This programme offers monumental relief and freedom from your hold on cigarettes, a programme that benefits not only you but your most loved ones too. Aiming to fully end your habit and the terrifying ‘round in circles’ routine by tackling your underlying issues and triggers. Find clarity, make gains and take back control. – (3 total sessions with tasks to be completed alongside a smoking diary).
The Breakthrough Programme
A programme that focusses on releasing the ‘problematic subconsciousness’ and self-limiting beliefs, in a life-changing and in-depth exploration of who you are and what you can be. Detailed and precise, this breath-taking Breakthrough Programme has shown both incredible results and lasting benefits in every person that has ever undertaken the journey -(10 Hours total, inclusive of timeline therapy, detailed personal history hypnosis and parts integration).
The Shadow Advisor
A full year of support, encouragement and empowerment; a programme built to teach you the mindcoaching methods and techniques to programme yourself for success, transforming every aspect of your life, with lasting effect. Together with weekly sessions, we will take consistent action towards reaching your goals and altering your thought process to be more successful in your business, career, relationships, life, health, body and mind.
A programme which helps you achieve your optimum state of being and your optimum state of happiness in all areas of your life.- (A focussed year-long programme consisting of two, one to one sessions per week).
Parent & Child Programme
It is often said “monkey see, monkey do”. Some traits and behaviours can be learnt unconsiously either from you as a parent or as a child from your parents.
This programme builds an understanding of how the child and parent see eachother and creates proggression and progress, building a healthier and happier bond.
You can also consider this programme if you or your child suffers from Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Aggressive behaviour, or Lack of confidence.
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